Fountains, Urn Fountains & Basalt Stone Columns

These water features bring unique focal points to a landscape or waterscape in your yard. They are easy to care for and have long life spans!. We have a saying at SplashScapes Pro – The Pond People in Charlotte – that “our job isn’t complete until we’ve pushed water through something pretty made out of rock or concrete!” Adding a unique fountainscape to your patio, garden, pond or landscaping can bring many years of added beauty and enjoyment.

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These fountainscapes are fun, functional and interactive! And we are the area’s experts on helping you find a unique piece, install it, and then service and maintain it!. Summertime is also a great time to consider a Retrofit, Upgrade or Rebuild of your existing pond! Or maybe consider building a new pond or water feature!

Fountain Maintenance Programs

We have a fountain and water feature maintenance program for every budget and fountain size! Plus you can sign-up for maintenance programs on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually basis.

Our maintenance customers receive top priority in scheduling, emergency calls, and you pay less! For more information on our maintenance programs, click here! Or email us by clicking here!


There are three different types of fountains. One is a rising jet. It shoots water straight into the air. Another one is a downward fall. In this fountain you can see the water coming down, too. Also, there are fountains where you can have a combination of the two. Some of the fountains have water shooting so straight and so high up into the air, it looks like it would never fall back down and just turn into mist. In others, you can clearly see it going up and coming right back down. Whichever type of fountain you choose, you’re going to need an electrical source to operate the fountain pump.

Most fountains do not require a permanent water hook-up, since the water is re-circulated by the pump.

Below is a listing of some types of fountains that we work with:

  • Concrete
  • Cast Stone
  • Floor Fountains
  • Tabletop Fountains
  • Wall Fountains
  • Wood Fountains
  • Copper Fountains
  • Waterfall Fountains
  • Watering Can Fountains

At SplashScapes Pro, we specialize in fountains of all shapes and sizes! Contact us today and let’s make your outdoors more appealing!

Urn Water Fountains

If you’ve ever been to a garden center or visited the landscaped garden grounds of a public outdoor area, you’ve probably seen urn fountains in your lifetime. Urn fountains are vase-shaped water features commonly used throughout garden design.

They may be stone fountains with a vase attached to a pedestal or they may be actual urns converted into a fountain with water coming out of the opening of the urn.

It’s also a common site to see a statue figure, often of a girl, carrying an urn angled on its side so that water pours out of it. Urn fountains may take on sleek, clean lines of a Japanese influence. Outdoor urn water fountains are typically made of cast stone, terra cotta, fiberglass, granite or marble. Outdoor urn fountains may be freestanding, placed on a pedestal in the center of a garden pond, or perched atop a decorative column or garden table.

Urns are also incorporated into outdoor wall fountains. A trio of outdoor urn water fountains are particularly attractive in graduated sizes surrounded by low pots of greenery or blooming plants.

Basalt Column Fountains

More like crystals than rock, Basalt Columns are formed when lava floes crystallize over time. During this process the crystals grow into long vertical columns. These columns can reach lengths of over forty feet, ranging in diameter from four inches to eight feet. These rocks are gorgeous!

Basalt columns are drilled through on the long axis so they may be used in a water feature. The Basalt Column Fountain radiates a zen-like sense of tranquility and quiet beauty. The movement of water brings the stone alive, creating a soothing, contemplative atmosphere. The Natural Basalt stone is cut, carved and polished to accentuate the water flow as it cascades down the column fountain.