Summer Pond Maintenance

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The long days and warm nights of summer give you ample time to enjoy your pond more than ever. However the warm weather also brings new challenges to maintaining your pondscape. Below are a few suggestions to help keep your pond area and pond life thriving through the summer months…

1. Aeration

As the weather warms so does the pond. Warm water has a more difficult time holding oxygen due to the increased biological demand. An aeration pump will help keep the pond oxygenated to maintain all the pond life. An aeration kit will also allow efficient gas exchange to help reduce the buildup of bad gasses. A high oxygen content in your pond water will keep your fish healthy and keep the beneficial bacteria alive and working their best!

2. Avoid Overfeeding

Summer is the growing months for fish. They typically eat more and grow faster, thus producing more waste. It is important to keep a close eye on your fish’s food intake to avoid ‘overfeeding the pond’. An automatic feeder can help regulate how much food is dispersed, thus avoiding the contamination issue that overfeeding creates.

3. Biological Filtration

Good bacteria is a necessity for a healthy thriving pond area. The bacteria will break down waste materials, keeping the pond clean and healthy. You can use additives to boost the normal biological performance if your pond is lacking in this area.

4.  Pond Filtration

Pond filter systems are pushed to their limit during the summer months. The increased metabolism of the fish create more growth and more waste. It is important to replace your exhausted chemical filter media on a regular basis to be able to remove the increased pollutants such as algae-feeding nutrients and phosphate.


This article was written by Guizmo