Swim Ponds – Meet Your Natural Swimming Pool!

Swim ponds are rapidly growing in popularity – and no wonder. You get to swim in natural water and share the space with the Koi! Many people don’t like the chemicals and the unnatural feeling that is part of owning a conventional swimming pool, but enjoy the natural feeling of swimming in a backyard pond.

Natural swimming pools have the advantages of conventional swimming pools, but also look beautiful and respect the environment, offering a fresh and vivid display of nature in your own garden. They are the next step in man-made swimming facilities, combining design, an understanding of how ecological systems work, and the very latest in bio-technology to produce one of the most innovative and complete garden features available!

Our backyard swimming ponds are built to naturally and effectively keep water crystal clear. The design produces water quality that will pass even the toughest of municipal ‘drinking’ water standards. Now that’s clean water!

In a natural swimming pool we harness natures’ own processes to produce clean, clear water. If you have ever had the opportunity to swim in a crystal clear lake or stream, then you know the sense of bliss that only nature can supply.

Swimming is much more enjoyable without burning eyes and chemical odor!

  • Natural swimming ponds do not use irritating chemicals like chlorine that not only irritate the eyes and nose, but combine with organics to become a potential carcinogen.
  • Fish can live in our swimming ponds, doubling the swimmers’ enjoyment of the pond over a swim pool.
  • Very few people enjoy cleaning their pool or pond. We harness nature to do this for us.
  • We can build beaches!
  • Our swimming ponds can have meandering streams and waterfalls.

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